Champion Cleaners

2019 Finalist: Best Dry Cleaners

730 Signal Mountain Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37405



Dry Cleaners


Monday: 06:30am - 07:00pm
Tuesday: 06:30am - 07:00pm
Wednesday: 06:30am - 07:00pm
Thursday: 06:30am - 07:00pm
Friday: 06:30am - 07:00pm
Saturday: 08:00am - 04:00pm

What We Do

We offer many cleaning services such as:
· All Work Done on Premises
· Drive Thru and Curb Service
· Small Area Rugs Cleaned
· VIP Drop-off Bags
· Alterations
· Wedding Gowns Cleaning
· Wedding Gowns Heirlooming
· Leather & Suedes a Specialty
· Same Day Cleaning 5 Days a Week

More About Us

Champion Cleaners is a spa for your clothes! You and your clothes are important to us. Owners Sheila & Ron Ullenberg take our work seriously and that includes state of the art cleaning processes and individual inspection of your garments throughout the cleaning and finishing stages. We want to make sure your clothes are in tip-top shape when you get them home so we repair missing buttons, hook and eye fasteners as well as loose seams at no additional charge.

We deliver quality in our work and respect to you as our reason for existing. If you ever find anything, not to your satisfaction, we will immediately re-clean the item or refund your money. No hassles. No argument. Your choice.

Dry Cleaning Valet Service:

 “Such a time Saver” 5 days a week, clean and simple, in by 10am out by 5pm. How’d you like to simplify your life and keep your clothes clean and beautiful? Our Valet Service delivers on both counts with a service designed to make your days easier and your clothes cleaner.


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